Sunday, October 26, 2008

so nanowrimo starts again. for those who don't know, it's write a fifty thousand word novel in a month. for no reason whatsoever.
i did it last year, when i lived in olympia. not the year before, becuase i lived in a hole in the ground and wasn't aware of it. it was called shelton, wa, lovely town.
i love small town life. except, there was this a**hole who helped get me fired, and i was talking to the librarin here in this small town of toledo, and she saw the ol' fire department sweater. she told me they are always looking for volunteers, and mentioned her son. and named the a**hole that got me fired.
i went from ah to oh. yeah, i know him. enough said.
small town life.
the first time it's been not so wonderful.
okay, enough boredom. nanowrimo.
i am not going to go on and on about it, becuase this blog is about writing, how write, writing erotica, and wanting to write erotica. please bear with the repeats, i might need to get on a search engine eventually,a nd i barely understand how it works.
anyway, this is about writing. so, nanowrimo will be mentioned as what a great incentive it is, and not a bunch of chatter about nothing. like the start of this blog. does anyone care that i have personal probelms? no. one last comment, personal, i might have a job. enough said. back to writing.
i have the new john saul, faces of fear. so far, so good. he has z simple way of writing, not toned down, or plain, but just somehow flows. it's easily understandable, yet keeps up the pace without getting patronizing. perfect, i can claim it's research. it's not romance, but hey, it's horror, which i admit i love more.
so, i need to pick out a book to write, and crank it out flat. the yougn adult, where they jon ghost hunters. a sequel to the only published book so far. the one where he/she jumps worlds. or living in the devils paradise. they all need help. i wish wash back and forth between them. hmm, i'll decide at the last minute. perfect.

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