Saturday, November 1, 2008

payment will be made via paypal. you will be informed within a few days, a week at the latest, wether or not you won. if there are too many entries, rules may chnage, but honestly, given ebook sales so far, i should be able to keep up with it.
an example of good advice, which will help you win that free e book contest!!
-xssa, i like characters to say names a lot, xssa, and i think, xssa, you just can't pack enough in a sentence.
i want emotion!! expression!! long dialogues of characters personal thoughts!!!
please do no interuppt sex scenes with inner monologue. kills the mood.
let me know what characters are thinking. please interupt sex scene with thoughts, so we know what's going on.

i think you get it. it's pretty simple. give me advice to make me a better writer, something i can fix, some useful feedback, even if it makes me cry and sob for days, and you might get your money back for forbidden passion.
by the way, this is the author offering this promotion for the ebook giveaway contest, not whispers, a totally truly awesome site.

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