Monday, October 20, 2008
okay, second try at great link. sigh.
ew, it's been a while since i have written the blog. and a while since i have written, period. oops. someone kick my lazy butt. if you want to write erotica, it seems one's butt must be in front of a writing device, actually working. somehow, the books just don't get written when i am playing games. (darn you big fish! you awesome game site, you!)
so, just to update the blog, and spread the word, here is a link to a free romance book giveaway. smart bitches, the website, are? is? giving away a free book. plus. so all you bloggers of erotica, romance, and want to b writers, check them out, like daily. because unlike me, they keep on their blog.
and, na no wri mo is coming up. now that i have moved, i will have all new people to no meet. last year, i did not drive my lazy butt a half hour away for a meeting. this year, i might drive the fifteen minutes to check out other writers.
the link did nopt work. i am just going to link to their website. you should check them out anyway.
okay, second try at great link. sigh.

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