Thursday, October 9, 2008

so, since ellora's cave rejected the first try at dark heroes, i was thinking changleing press, because i started reading ebooks on their site first, only they have on their submisson page (which you really, Really REALLY should read before submitting) a line saying unpublished authors (which is not me) or those new to changling (which is me) 25k or less.
dark is a bit over that, and i could ask if they would take it anyhow, but then i read, somewhere, names escape me, that cross genres are hot. i know, i know, don't jump on every bandwagon going by. your legs will get cramps. in other words, don't fly after every fad, becuase you'll never get anywhere. and if you did somehow get somewhere through constantly changing things, well you wouldn't be done, becuase something new would come along. however, (since, well,however. this is stuff i cut when i edit. but i feel like saying it, so there.) however, it is traditional to take a piece of just rejected stuff look and look at it with a keen, glaring eye and fix it.
no matter how good you tentavily thought it was on the first round.
so, cross genres, needing new revisions, and i thought, want to be erotic ebook writer, here you go. let's add something. becuase, you know, there's just enough death in a good romance. perhaps other authors have missed this obvious facts. perhaps it kills the mood. perhaps i should go bury my nose in horror, one of my early loves of reading.
but ebook horror novels are rarely published, whereas romance is. so there. again.
i'm not against romance books, i just feel my love life is about as hot as a piping fresh donut in a coffee shop- that someone set down and went unoticed till now. yep, cold, stale, with a hole. perfect allergory. metaphor. symbolism. whatever.

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