Wednesday, December 3, 2008

it's been hard to write comedy, because life sucks. strangely, this is when I usually write better comedy than usual, going by my own opinion. but still, the I want to be a better writer contest has been going on for long enough over forbidden passion. (go buy a copy now, buy buy buy). this is kinda like talking to someone who has just walked off. I feel like this is a personal diary, read only by me. why? because none is reading this. no one is getting their money back in the contest.
enough said. dark heroes is done, and I shall force myself to submit it in a day or two. the sci fi comedy (why is still nameless?) shall be done in a few chapters, then a final revision. I thought about submitting dark supers somewhere else, but I don't know. there's not many superheroes stories out there. changeling press has a few, but don't take books that big from first time writers. I might have to submit the paramedic story, or something first.
I still don't like the paramedic story. there is something missing, and I realize that she just exist through the whole novel. she doesn't really fight back, much. so okay, a few chapter to highlight it, a few paragraphs fixes, and maybe it'll be good enough. but then, I have two books, at changing press, and I'm impressed with whispers. they have a new press agent, or whatever she was, and is promoting the site. fiction wise is holding up checks, though, which isn't a good sign, because they have sold more of the book than anything else.
but still. dark heroes should go to whispers, because the first book is never as good as a second novel, usually. they deserve a chance with a better novel, if they will take it.
it's not easy writing erotica, especially about erotic superheroes.
also, most of the writing is done at night when it's quiet, and I'm tired from work. this sucks. I need to force myself to get off my lazy ass and write more erotica. and submit what I have done. that fist book was so encouraging. time to try again.

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