Saturday, December 6, 2008

author blogs- chnge my listing to published author, please.
so i sent off the first chapter of dark heroes- and teh very next day i got a reply. yikes, there goes any plan to re read and check again for mistakes. the editor loved it. laughed out loud.
it ain't a comedy.
oh dear.
but, here's what a writer does.
if she wanted a comedy, and rejects the story, i send the sci fi coemdy, even if i scribble put the last two chapters quickly, then re write dark heroes and send it again. if they like it, i sigh in relief, and listen very closely to the editor who critques it.
either way, it's more money- more pennies! yea! go second ebook in a recession!
hopefully, this one will be liked better. but it still will be int eh i want to be a better writer contest if accepted.
simply dromp me a line telling me what could be done to improve it, here in the comments section is fine, and i'll refund the money, if it's a good tip.
so, you suck, will not win. more dialogue tags, or less inner dialogue more action, will win.
so, time to get back to writing. good bye nanowrimo, hello self inflicted writing schedule.

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