Sunday, March 22, 2009

i haven't written in a while (thanks netflix) and can't believe how i get in a slump. i'm still waiting to hear back from the editor. soon, dark supers willbe out, it has a may publication date on whispers. otherwise, when i can i drop by the chats so i can look like i am particpating. of course, a particpating author would be writing.
okay, i keep saying i'm going to write, but can't tear myself away from the games or netflix. so, i just need to force myself to work. somehow.
though, even this blog is lame.
anyway, started a new book, four chapters in, or so, about this guy who poses as royalty to gain a castle and gets a snarky princess for a wife, a run derelict darong haunted castle, a few slow knights, and whatever else i can throw in. dang, i need a plot. okay, i had one. i wrote it down.
it's non erotica, which is good,a nd comedy, which hopefully will do good. otherwise, i have cursed prince almost done, which i haven't looked at in awhile.

oh- red neck joke, becuase i like funny blogs.
modernsongs translated:
i can't drive, fifty five
for the redneck: because my truck won't go that speed. i'll lose the deer out the back! or the dog.
for the white trash:
becuase my engine would blow up. if the tires didn't fall off, then i might lose my beer.
for the teen: becuase my dad is sitting in the seat besdie me. when am i getting that driver license?
don't break my heart, my achy breaky heart:
for the redneck: by tellng me your married. c'mon, your sixteen, you gotta be between husbands already.
for the white trash: by enforcing that wash your hands sign in the bathroom. the customers like that earthy taste to their food, really.
who let the dogs out? bump, bump, bum.
for the redneck: becuase i could have sworn they would ride in the back alright. maybe they just need more beer.
for dad: because they are crapping all over my yard? what did i tell you about not letting them out?
for the kids: and why won't they follow me home when i feed them dad's supper?
for the pot smoker: the k9s eating all my pot! who let him out of the patrol car?
okay, the jokes aren't all that great, but c'mon, they're not orginial but i wasn't quoting anyone, just made them while watching tv, which explains why they are not better.

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