Saturday, March 14, 2009

i was just chatting with other whispers members via their chat at trs. wow. most of them have so much excitment for thier book, plus about a gazillion others ready to be published. ane me? i have a very high score at big fish games. plunder, yeah, got up to level 29, beat that workaholics.
i jsut finished confessions of a shopaholic. very nice, light and funny. i read the book confessions on an undomestic goddess. very funny. i noticed they kind of read the same, but in goddess book,t he character seemed a lot more funny.
ah reasearch.
because that's what i'll say when my guilt pricks to get off my game playing butt, get the nose out of the book someone else wrote and write my own. yeah, it's reasearch. note how well the author has adopted a light tone, and kept it throughout the whole book. note the mild romance building between main characted and nathan.
meg cabot is a good author for the same thing, only in young adult. i always wanted to write young adult. without the erotica, obviously.
i love her mediator series. very paranormal and funny, a real kick butt herione.
so, now i have my (ahem.) research done, and should be writing. oh, wait. i picked up a lawernce block book and need to research something.

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