Monday, April 6, 2009

i was watching a 1000 ways to die. it's a funny, sad show, and the narrorator is kinda a butt, but it's still funny. and horribile. it shows all the stupid ways to die, some you can see coming, some you don't. so why is it in a blog about being a better writer? you won't believe the ideas you can get from watching a show like that. true, some of the deaths are too showy, and not very believable. but still. wht a wealth of pointless info.
the new castle book is coming along good, and if i had any readers,they might be asking me, and rightly so, what abotu the last book i was writing? and why am i so few chapters ahead? alas, they have me tagged. a flighty, lazy writer. which does not speak well for my career.
i can make myself write, though.
which does bode well for my future as a writer, i jsut need to make myself sit down in front of my computer. now thik abotu all the people who can't write, or don't like it, or whatever. what a waste if i don't write, sot here is an encouragement, of sorts. i have talent, even though it's not reflected by sales fo the first book, or really even anywahere in the first book, but it hink it's in there somewhere, and maybe i can grow some talent if i keep practicing. goodness knows i think the typing has improved some, i know the speed has picked up.
there's just one rule to remember if you want to be a better writer. you want your readers to think only what you want them to think.
and if they're thinking of how slow the next book is to come out, or stare and the cover and wonder who you are, get writing. they need to think about the book.

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