Saturday, April 11, 2009

I heard back from the editor for dark heroes, and it's good and bad. They don't exactly like the manuscript. (shouldn't someone have said this before the last rewrite thingy?) but it's not all bad. The editor said it needed a lot of work, and I could switch to a different editor if I wanted. I emailed her back that it was an honor to work with her, since she seemed very strict, and it would probably make me a better writer, something I want since I still want to be a writer. So I suggested we wait until I finish yet another major overhaul, during some time off I have. Wahoo. The vacation has officially started, which means it's time to work.
She agreed to give it as much time as I wanted, and told me there were a lot of things about the writing that she liked.
Despite the seriousness of the tone of the first, I thought the second was much more cheerful, and was happy that there were nice comments in it.
So now, major re doing of the dark heroes, which puts the other books I was thinking of writing into pause, which can be good if I improve the ol' hack writing skills, but bad if I forget and lose motivation and stall off like I usually do. Although, I need to learn to finish a project even with interruptions, so maybe it's a good thing, although-
And that's life. Good and bad.
There were a few definite comments, like they want the heroine with one guy, not two, and a happier ending, and a vauge-ish sort of comment, like weak pacing. Oh dear. I barely know what it means.
So, my fingers need to type till they cramp practically, to get it done, but I think I can do it. I have already have ideas, since imagination is one thing I have in abundance.
So why am I committed to writing so much instead of just plain committed?
Because there are things in forbidden passion I think could have been done better, and now I hope dark heroes will see a definite improvement in writing skill, hopefully because I have improved, and not just because of the editor, unless she wants to do each and every book. Hmm. Better hope I have improved a lot.

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