Thursday, April 23, 2009

so i am working on my book, which means watching netflix. hundreds of movies, instantly to my tv so i don't have to wait and fill the time with work. now you too can screw around in an instant. great invention. this is why atlantis fell, either they were watching tv or playing the underwater version of solitare.
the book is going well, if slower than i thought. i am almost done. yippee. i hope to finish by the weekend or so.
back to netflix. i was watching weeds, and it finally got good. right about the time her dea boyfriend says i know you're a drug dealer. and it ends on a high note, her son has stolen the marijuana and the person coming to buy it has a gun and wants to steal the grass, the other guys have killed the dea agent and want money, and she opens the safe to find it's empty. her son calls to say he has it, just as a cop shows up.
so why was it good? the neighbor was a better character, maybe becuase she has a great personality. it comes through like a steel will.
so, why is this in a blog about becoming a better writer? why do people who want to improve their romance writeing care?
if you watch- you care, so ask yourself why? why do you care about this person over that one, why do you like this character over that one? what part did you like best? if you like the drama, (which surprised me that i did) you should try writing drama, becuase you understand, are interested in it, and are most likely familiar with the standard plots for that genre and know when to break, when to follow them.
every night, when not zoned out on netflix, i am workingont he book. just litle chapters at a time, but it is helpign the concentration. it's a much better way to rewrite then staring at one long page with a half numb brain. this way i focus on small chunks and ensure perfection. ha ha. okay, ensure slightly less mistakes.

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