Saturday, May 2, 2009

i finsihed the rewrtie for dark heroes onthursday. yeah, know i said weekend in the blog, and told the editor middle of the week, but that was pretty much as fast as it went. there may have been one or two nights i played plunder (darn you big fish! will i never have the will power to tear myself away from yoru games?) but only one or two nights, and there were a lot of nights of late nights. the night before it was turned in, sent off, whatever, i was up to two am.
now, those writers in the land of still to be published might be saying, oh, big baby. two am writing. i would give more than that to be published, you whiner.
okay. but the first book i had published made eight bucks so far.
eight bucks and some odd cents.
some might say it is an investment, others that it's cheating to get a goal, a half step for losers who can't make it in real publishing. what i have to say to that isn't fit to print.
give a drunken sailor a theasurus and sit him on a sharp spike is close to the language i would use.
pardon my french, as the men would say, though i know the f word isn't french.
this second book, which is second only in time, not part of a series, the second book to be written i think shows improvment. obivously i didn't see anything wrong with the first one at the time or i never would have offered to an editor that way.
now, i think, why did i write something so bad? thank god no one reads my blog. becuase the contest is still running, write a review that will help me be a better writer and win your money back. refund. big ebook contest. whatever.
once the new book is up and running, maybe inmay, the contest will switch to that one.
if it's published in may, becuause i haven't heard back from the editor, and she is either crying tears fo joy or throwing her hands up in frustation at having to work with talentless hacks. hmm. wonder which.
eight bucks and some odd cents for the first ebook.
i can imagine.

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