Sunday, May 17, 2009

I started a new book, because, well, i'm an idiot. I haven't finished anything since dark heroes but i'm sure I have started a small library of good books if only I would finish them.
the editor said she was just getting a book ahead of mine and when she finished that, she would get to mine. so great. I pull myself away from netflix and big fish games and now there's a wait. sigh. maybe I should have finished sooner.
i'm guessing at this date i will not be seeing a May publication, but that's okay. there is a paramedic ghost haunting book done, that will probably need re editing, and then be ready in about a month. i could re do it, send it off, and type like heck to finish another one.
the new book is a paranormal, suburan, fantasy, etc. There's always an etc, why write in an easy genre when you can screw them all up?
she a homeless something, who thinks that vamps, werewolves,and others are around her. someone is killing people, like in the books by Simon Green (the nightside- a must read.) or a rob thurman. ever read her? she's good. and very masculine in wriitng. way to go girl.
the new book is very tiring, or maybe it's the new job. i suspect the book is tiring, because I don't usually write this genre, and the plot is being hammered out as i go of course, because to do anything else would be too fricken easy.
so dark heroes is due out soon, in hopefully a month or two, and then we'll see.
the funny sci fi fantasy is done, i'm just not sure were it will fit in.

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