Wednesday, June 3, 2009

just wrote another 2000 words at starbucks. people make jokes about writing in public, but it's worth it to get out of the house. and peace and quiet. with coffee orders, occasionally, so not to quiet, but still worth it.
so had this idea where two boys,one rich, one poor, chnage places when the rich one dad's loses his job, and the poor one's wins the lottery. except it is way too cliche. the plot is just not working out.
and you know, at home, there's big fish games and direct tv. not exactly easy to work.
speaking of which, i still haven't heard fromteh editor on dark heroes lately. i would guess, on the 2 day of june, that we aren't going for a may publication.
the paramedic story is done, technically, but i need to go over it and add something. a few ideas. something to make it better.
of course, whispers won't take it becuase of their new policy. now, the heroine can only sleep with her one true guy, and not anyone else.
i think i should stick with comedy. people seem to laugh at the work, which is only good when writing funny, and depressing when you're being serious, which i thankfully am almost not.
the nice thing about direct tv with seven HBO and five starz channels is you can never see kung fu panda too many times. or wall-e. i need to tear myself away and get writing. thank goodness for starbucks and other places to sneak off to.

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