Saturday, June 27, 2009

i finished the redit for dark heroes. the editor sent it to me yesterday.
thank goodness, i read very fast.
the writing must have improved, most of the need calrity commetns were in the upper half, and the parts i wrote later needed much less work. amazing how a good editor can help. this is why i am starting in romance.they will publish and teach, unlike print books,that are so hard to break into. i still i want ot do print, someday, and now i feel like i can get there someday.
i loked over the sci fi comedy, and i just don't know. there's not enoguh sex, i think, but maybe its still good becuase it's funny. i think i need to improve it, and in the meantime, i'm writing like three differnt books and eager to finish those becuase i can think of at least tow others i want to do.
my typing speed has improved, too.
so for all you want to be romance writers, looking to learn romance writing, or wanting to improve erotica writng, try try and try. get published if you can, and thank your editor for teaching you. really try to learn. my editor request a whole re write, and when i told her i wnated to improve, she started adding extra comments so i could see what i was doing wrong.

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