Sunday, June 21, 2009

i went to starbucks and spent an hour just plodding thourgh a chapter of the paranromal suburban story. then, i decided to switch books. when i was scrolling around on my alphasmart, i saw a chapter of the thief story.i started writing, and it took off. i spentan hour typing fast, daydreaming less.
so who cares, if you are a want to be romance writer? or erotica writer?
becuase every author, i think, hits the sam ething. not writer's block, but a slow down. here's where it's fun to be writing more than one story.
the problem?
each character needs to be differnt, and when skipping around, it can be hard to remember if this character would say that, or not.
a good writer is trapped byt hier fiction. your story has to be logical, no matter how magical. and your characters can't break character. it's obvious when you have an sterotype. harder when you have a sublte character. spiderman. he's not quite a sterotype, thought he nerdy book worm turned super hero is becoming one. he's differnt from batman or superman or wonder woman. batman is dark, and known to break bones in modern comics. superman is a man of honor, who is smart to never lie, yet gets caugth inemotional diffculties he can barely understand. yes, i read comic books. the writing has to be intenser to keep younger minds paying attention. and yet, the books are good enough adults read them too. batman doesn't suddenly become a big pile of gooey mush over a pretty women. nor does superman start lying, or give his id away voer nothing. characters. the plot bends aroudnt hem, want to be erotica writer, not the other way around.

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