Tuesday, September 1, 2009

heard back from whispers-not good.
their not going to publish the book at this time. and, i got a nice long letter about my crappy grammar.
wheni went back adn re read the synopsis, yes, there were mistakes. and my first thought? excuses. we were practically friends, whispers and i, and yes, i didn't put as much attention into the cover letter as i should have. and i'm thinking, do i need to? editors complain about authors who think the rules don't apply to them, and i'm thinking, that's niot me, i have other excuses. and yeah, i know rules apply to me, i just didn't do a good enough job, basically, didn't think it was nessecary, becuase i did go over the manuscript to their standars, and double check that part before sending it off. but not the synopsis, which now has left teeth marks in my butt.
so, i am going to make myself wait amonth and re read both parts again, covers letters, synopsis, the whole works, and sent it off somewhere else.
and the editor recommended some books.
okay, i found two out of three, and will consider buying the third next paycheck, maybe. it's a money issue.
and she recommended a class. not going to happen, money issue right now.
and i'm thinking, ouch, when i read the letter.
basically, i don't notice grammar unless it's in the way, and freaking obvious. otherwise, i am all about the plot and characters and the writing. because i am a bookworm and a reader, and a book buyer. it'
s great that editors cry over dangling particples and are heart broken over incomplete sentences. most of us, do give a whoop dang over the whole who/whom issue because we don't know it. and i keep saying lay down, even though it's lie down when dealing with humans.
oops. i just don't care about the language. most people don't.
i care about reading, readability, the joy of a new world.
so, i need to keep writing. sometime, i am going to work on the new teen novel, about the vampire run towns, and hers get destroyed, and then her boyfriends. i know, i am like half way through the plot, and can't figure out the rest. and, i don't know how to topen. so no biggee, jsut start writing crap, and eventually i'll have something to edit.

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