Friday, September 11, 2009

so after the last letter from whispers, (notice how many entries start with the word so? i don't care. it's a blog. it's okay to write this stuff and then edit it out later. )and apparently, someone disagreed that grammar was that imporant. they wanted to give the story a second chance. so i sent it off. again.
and i have to agree with almost everything so far.
yes, my grammar is not all that great. but, i would rather read a great story with grammar mistakes then a perfect but boring one. and i have recommended less than perfect books because i liked the charactes, plot, funny, something. grammar is not something i notice or care about much. hence, perhaps,the crappy grammar.
i was a bit upset at the first letter because it sounded like maybe the editor hadn't read the story, just the synopsis and cover letter. okay, i know rules are important, and they have to be great cover letters, but come on, this is the ebook world. read a chapter, at least, or a paragraph. if the first letter had complained about the story i would have been a bit more okay with it.
anyway,t he editor worte back and said the premise was good, and they liked it so far. sent the rest and they would decide base on that.
so wa whoo. sort of.
because it might still be rejected, so it's not a real great celebration, but at least they like the first chapter. so the piece fo crap story is not a possbile good sotry, and suddenly i like the story better becuase it is closer to being published.
it's a definite wa hoo at least becasue of the compliments. yeah, she needed the rest to decide if it's worth publishing, but still, she liked the start which is pretty good.

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