Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Check out the snarky comment from the third. At first I thought someone who didn't like me figured out who I was because the comment seems personal, but I think maybe it's jealousy.
Yes, there are typos, you find them in every blog, proof that typing very fast is not perfect. quick, maybe, but not perfect. and proof that blogs need spell checker also.
And another fine point I can make-I have read some great books that have boring blogs. And great blogs that are done by boring authors. The blog is about writing, non fiction, occasionally funny writing. It is not how I write, as it's not a blog meant to scare people, or be romantic, or transport you to another world like a book does. Blogging and reading are not the same thing.
I also do not talk like I write, either, since I stutter a bit and edit what I say as I say it, like everyone else. Check out author blogs, a great list of many authors with blogs that are not what the books are like.
It's a good point, though, that I do not write that sloppy, and I do not blog like a professional. I don't spend hours editing the blog like I do the books.
Okay, it's a blog. I will stick to blogging about writing topics because other people's blogs that talk about their kids are boring. Sorry, but they are, sometimes. Are their books boring? Heck no.
But I could use the spell checker more often in word then transfer it over, uh, maybe I'll just ignore the petty comment.

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