Sunday, October 18, 2009

I heard back from whispers again. They like the changes, but think the main hero is still a bit wimpy. So much for going for realistic. From now, I'm thinking sex fantasy. Forget reality, it probably doesn't sell many books. We all want fantasy, right?
So I'm thinking, maybe a perfect guy for the next book. Nanowrimo is coming up and I need an easy plot to churn out fifty thousand words in one month. I need to practice my sex scenes, anyway.
So I have a week or two to real tough up my character, which has given me some ideas to know if a hero is a character or cardboard.
here's what I'm going to do to my characters. First, the male is going to be total fantasy. Never mind if real men don't work out that much, or kept hat low body fat. Don't care. Plus, I think characters have to be so great you could put them in a series. Don't be bored with them, or glad to see them go. they got to be great interesting characters. Plus, you should feel like saying, he wouldn't do that. she wouldn't act like that. that means your characters have personalities. If they can do anything in a sequel, you might have cardboard characters, or not well defined ones. Ask yourself if your hero would do a variety of odd tasks. You should know, and your hero should be talking to you, or maybe you just don't know your characters well enough.
You'll notice the lack of major spelling mistakes, this time. I have started using word to type in and transfer it over.
Yeah, a blog is nothing like a book. There are no dead people sitting up or snappy comebacks. Yet, people often tune to a blog to check out the author before reading. So, even though whispers would never publish a book with the typos found in this blog, I should still show some more professionalism.
So in a way, thanks to the loser with the snarky comment even though it's wrong.

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