Thursday, November 5, 2009

It's time for nanowrimo again, and I wish I could say that I have been too busy writing to be blogging. It's a one month challenge to write fifty thousand words for one book. But really, I have just been dogging it. I don’t' know why. It happens. Hopefully, nanowrimo will pull me out of this slump and back onto the writing track.
I just resent thief of the heart back out to whispers for the third time. I love those people, they put so much of themselves into each book, even from a crappy author like me. okay, like a lot of artist, I don’t' like my own work. On every book, I swear I like the endings better than anything else written in the book. Weird.
Anyway, this is the third book sent to whispers and hopefully they will soon be accepting it. I still haven't gone back over the paramedic story because I'm lazy. There's just no other excuse for it. Okay, so I have written about three chapters, or five thousand words, on a new book for nanowrimo, so even though I am a little bit behind on the word count hopefully I will soon be back in the habit of writing more often. Good writing takes practice and I need all I can get. I don’t' mind being a bit behind on the word count I can type a lot. Some days I can do five thousand in one sitting. true, it's hopped up on starbucks (do you caffeine is considered an upper? It sounds so illegal to call it that.) but still, I have a few days off coming up and it will be a perfect time to hang out in a few choice spots on peck away on my alphasmart.
I love my alphasmart.
I just haven't found anything better yet.
When I get paid I think I will donate something to the nanowrimo. They are a charity and encourage kids to read. If you want to write, you need to get involved in all parts of reading. Including supporting those wonderful people who encourage readers.
check out the lack of typos. yeah, though the snarky commetn pissed me off and was irrelevant it did remind me to make an attempt at being more professional.
though once again, blogging and writing are two differnt things. sheesh.

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