Friday, November 13, 2009

The cat is now hiding in terror. The dog has fled. Is it some new horror creature? No, it's me trying to figure out how to upload a picture at myspace. I hate computers so very, very much. You would think it is as easy as point and click, but no. I can't find the file. So I have to manually search for it, on a computer that is slightly slower than a molasses covered snail in winter. I can't justify the expense of a new computer, not even when the old one is slow I think it was chipped out of granite in the stone age and put together by half blind monks. No, I have to put up with about a minute between page loads. And as I am swearing, I remind myself, I have no patience.
I'm very immature when it comes to getting what I want, like a webpage in under five minutes. Living out in the boondocks is great for the lower crime rates and lower rents but sucks when every technical wonder like on demand video through cable or high speed internet pass you by. Oh we have high speed. It's just not high speed. It's only called that so losers like me on minimum wage wills hell out the big bucks so we can squeal, oh look at the loading bar go, you can almost see it move.
After banging my head a few times (and disapproving a slap along side the head makes you smarter as I am still computer non savvy.) I finally get the picture loaded. Thank god for the wonderful folks at whispers. I love that picture. It is romantic without the typical jokes made at romance reviews ( I have seen some photoshop horrors, really. And whispers picture is awesome.
So now, after swearing a lot and vowing I hate my computer (it's amazing how many new swear words one can think up while waiting for the computer to load) I have finally got two blogs and no idea on what to say on either one. Whoopee.
Oh, three blogs. Whispers has a blog and I said I would blog on it. Hey, I may not know how to advertise my novel but thankfully they are busting butt helping their authors.
thief of the heart is now in it's third review for being published at whispers. fingers crossed, here's hoping it might be good enough.

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