Sunday, May 23, 2010

book reviews

Just finished reading the two books, infected, and contagious. They are amazing, by scott siegler. Great read. Yeah, some bad language, but the story moves along at a brisk pace, and the little creatures talk.
As an author, I am just amazed at the book. Here are talking blue triangles, not very believable, yet I stayed up two nights in a row to finish the first book. Only went to sleep when it thought I was too tired to do the book justice. Same for the sequel, which I promptly went to the library to get. great storyline, following the tested and true arc of things just keep getting worse. Cranks up the intensity.
Now, I'm rereading a Dexter novel. The books are what the TV series is based on, but with a far different plot. And the writing, is just wonderful. Great pacing. Not exactly a lovable character, yet (dex is a serial killer after all) yet the book is so well written, moves along briskly, a lot of side narration ( the main character talks about himself.) it's just a wonderful read. I'm going to try and find the rest of the series in the library, or just buy them cheap.

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