Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Even though I haven't exactly wowed the world with my romance novels, and thus probably am not in a position to complain, there is one thing I hate about romance. Well, several things, sometimes, but the one that gets me the most is improbable romance, impossible romance. And no, I don't mean hot sexy guy falls for dopey ditz who thinks she's merely pretty because she has a huge bust and blond hair. Please!
No, I mean romance where the hymen isn't where it's suppose to be, or acts that aren't possible without multi jointed limbs twisted into awkward position. Admittedly, I'm not sure if some positions are possible, and oh dear, don't have a boyfriend to practice with. Here's a question, would a guy mind hearing, honey, let's do this scene, I want to know if your arm can bend that way? I don't know.
I'm willing to overlook some inaccuracies, like dialogue, or someone using equipment before it's invented, because I am a historical idiot, I admit to that.
So, I tried to put some reality in the last book.
Did not go over so good.
My apologies to readers of romance who want reality. Oh wait, there aren't any, because we don't read romance
And I have been a die hard sci fi fan for years.
But sci fi is different, we want a big lump of unreality like an alien, or esp, stuck in a otherwise plausible plot. Romance, come to think of it, because you perfect men (don't exist.) having wonderful sex (does anyone have a love life that?) in perfect settings. Like, how many lovers out in the wild every get up with a stick twinned in her hair, a bug up her butt literally and moss stuck to her shoulders?
Not that I have ever, um hum, made love outside.. no really. I haven't. life sucks.

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