Thursday, June 9, 2011

I heard back from loose id. The answer was a no, but a very nice no. I might try whispers, or look for another spot. I'm going to rethink loose id suggestions and see if I can figure what might be off in the manuscript.
I haven't been writing much, I think because I sold two books last month and made two whole bucks. Oh, worth the trip to the bank. But then, it's an ebook, there is a lot of competition out there. I'm going to have to try harder if I want to get published, and I think I do, the problem is finding a good plot and writing the book the way it needs. I read teresa medeiros, and the book was really good, but a bit flowery writing. Would not do for a gena showalter type book, which I also read. Thank God for libraries. I would go broke feeding my book worm habit.
I just saw the girl with the dragon tattoo. Very good characters, but the plot? I don't know. I keep hearing about how it's so good, and it's like, the young girl getting raped, I get it, it shows she's this tough character, but it had nothing to do with the plot. It could have been told in back story and cleaned up the movie a bit. I mean, it's done well, but I think it may have been in for shock value, which I don't like. And the whole ritual killing had nothing, technically, to do with the girl's disappearance. Still, overall, a good movie, and I’m watching the girl who played with fire.
Not as good Dr. Horrible's sing along blog, though.


nazareth1983 said...
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nazareth1983 said...

Plots can be tricky, keep your head up and keep trying. Even Stephen King had problems when he first started out.

If it wasn't for his wife's encouragement and fishing out the pages of the manuscript Carrie from his garbage he may have never had a bestseller.

Robert K.