Thursday, July 28, 2011

Wow cannot believe how long it has been since I blogged! Oops.
I have good excuses like always. Let's cut to the honest one-i'm a lazy procrastinator. Also, I had problems getting a webpage to load. I could watch nettling but the pages weren't loading. Finally took aol off the computer and went through internet explorer to re download it. Ta da. Problem sort of fixed, in that it seems to work fine and no swearing. Amazing.
Currently, I’m working on a victorian romance. Have not really thought where to submit it yet. I was kind of thinking harlequin, maybe not. I hear victorian make a lot of money as people love historicals.
I have about a quarter of the free to love book redone, the book I sent to loose id. Again, have no idea where to submit. Do I go whispers, the old tried and true love them dearly people? Or do the new, scary, more expensive print publisher that is my hope and dream to get someday?
Too many decisions for a lazy procrastinator.
This weekend someone told me about a job “bucking” hay. Which is funny, because romance writers are about rolling in the hay, and here it sounds like the same thing sort of, and totally is not.
Hay is itchy. Scratchy. Annoying.
So very, very, heavy.
Apparently, the farmer goes through with the hay baler machine, and we come by afterward with a flat trailer behind a tractor and stack about four or five high. Pretty easy really, because the bundles only had two strings. So about, forty or sixty pounds each, stacking pretty fast, or carrying them over to the tractor. Some of the guys could lift them overhead and toss them. Repeatedly. I was lucky if I could get it to my waist and on the flat bed, after about two hours.
Still I did learn something. I will never have characters go for a roll in the hay, because the idea is ridiculous. Hay is itchy and I wanted to scratch myself raw. Also, I should empty my pockets before doing the wash, as about a handful went through the wash and was still in my pockets.
And, it scratches. Have I mentioned the itchy factor? Because I have little dots of red on my legs and stomach from using a knee to try and propel a bale up.
Okay, enough of that.
Back to work.

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