Friday, June 3, 2011

Okay I said I was going to blog a lot more. Oops. Kind of like exercising more, dieting, blah blah blah. Ouch, reality. I have a few good excuses, though. I watched Dr Horrible's sing along blog. If you have never heard of this wonder, you have to go out and watch it. Or not. And then I watched it again. One out of a hundred people didn't like it, and everyone else on netflix gave it five stars. Then I ran around with the tunes stuck in my head, repeating what I remembered of the lyrics. If I had sang aloud, there would be a spot in hell for people like me. Right next to people who sing carols in march. Then I wanted to watch it again. I, personally, want to go out and buy the book and watch the second dvd with extras because I am a nerd.
I have also read a great little horror book by vincent courtney called goblins. The author uses great metaphor and similes and all those other things we spaced on in english class. It made the book a delightful late night read. And the flow was smooth, reading it had a great pace and it was written so smoothly. Hard to describe until you read a bad book.
So, fellow authors, (which refers to a few tumbleweeds and maybe a noisy cricket or two, since that's all that show up) this reminds me to add better descriptions of those all encompassing phrases, or descriptions, or whatever metaphors do.
I also re read a dean koontz, doesn't matter which one, they're all great. I think the man enjoys writing, I think the books are great to read because he draws the story out, not in a boring way, but in a way so that each line is intense, plot impacting, yet flows, the man loves his work.
When I wrote a chapter or two on the newest book, I tried to imitate that feeling, that freedom. I haven't re read what i've done yet, but I think it works better. Some beginner authors want to hurry up and not bore the reader and they just go hell bent for leather, and ruin the act of storytelling, which is to be enjoyed and savored. Slow down, fellow writers, enjoy each line, take time to describe what is needed. Note, what is needed, not just blather on like a boring author.
There's a hint for me to shut up.

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