Saturday, July 30, 2011

Still chugging along on the rewrite, and yes, I did miss a few scene descriptions. It's like the book is taking place on a tv with no picture, just sound. Yikes. Who wants to watch that?
Now, I’m adding a few faint touches, smells sounds. Except I’m more than halfway through the book, so now when done I need to go back over the first part and make sure I used a few descriptive phrases. Not many, just enough to clue the reader what is going on.
I checked out a few sites for the submission point, looking at submission guidelines. Then, on every one, I looked under new releases and coming soon, because how else would I know if the book is right for that editor? I don't know. Maybe harlequin blaze, but i'm not sure, because I don't know anywhere around here that sells harelquin. Maybe fred meyers, or safeway, if I go to town. Otherwise, I looked on line, but without the money to buy the books, it doesn't tell me much about the kind of books they are publishing, and I think that is an important part of deciding where to publish.
I haven't worked on the victorian one at all, mostly because I hit a few snags. (you would think I would be use to it by now.) a little snag like 'no plot' i'm use to. Or maybe, 'stuck.' no, this plot was deciding if there should be sex in the novel, or make it a christain novel. I still don't feel like i'm good enough for christian novel. I mean, with a erotica, you know why the reader is reading the book. Right off the bat, I would guess for a sex description, and a hot one. Very easy to find, just thumb through romances at the library (no harelquins, I noted.) and pick out what the author likes that that sells well, and ta da. Masterpiece. With a christian novel, it's a bit harder. Do they read for the tips on Christianity? Or do they get read because people like drama, the praying, or seeing god's works? It's a bit harder. So, probably the victorian, which I will force myself to go back to and finish now that I have more plot hashed out, will most likely have sex. Which explains why so many characters are married in books, because victorians aren't exactly known for their bodice ripper parties.

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