Friday, August 5, 2011

I was planning on writing more but then. Bucking hay. I will never, ever, have a love scene in hay. It is pokey, scratchy, irritating instruments of torture, right up there with sleeping on an anthill.
So why mention it in the blog?
It's not a good enough excuse to not write.
Oh, it is, because it's so very, very tiring, shoving hay bales around all day, but still I could have come home and wrote something.
I was thinking when I thought of yet another book I want to write. This time, while working out various plots, I kept thinking, that doesn't sound like a romance, that doesn't sound like a romance. So I asked myself. Romance is character driven, right? So what characters do you want to write about?
And I thought, the only one was a dull mousy girl who inspires to be different, than bam. It blows up in her face in the first few chapters and she spends the rest of the book fixing it. It sounded like fun. I have several suggestion already, but not going to put anything down until I actually finish something again. So I made myself go do some of the rewrite. A few pages here and there may not be as good as just sitting my lazy butt down and actually writing it, but it's was better than nothing.
I was thinking, for an opening sentence, so many suggestions here, really. Something like
her life really changed when she died, because the day was going so well.
Not good enough. Opening lines need to be real hooks, but it's something to play with.
The car accident that killed her was the best thing in her life, so it was too bad it didn't happen.
Maybe something like that.
Then, she shed s her old self and enters the speakeasy on a dare from her sister. And then, dark brooding hero. The gangster. Maybe.
Before writing it' s like buying a lottery ticket, so many possibilities, until you start to write, and you nail down all those could be paths until you end up with something long and thin and going, why did I write that? So you start again, and for the first paragraph, there's so many ways to go, so many awesome possibilities of bestseller and millions to be made. And it's a breath fo fresh air until you hold it in your lungs, and it tastes of morning breath when you're done.
There's just something so open about starting a novel.
It's the actual finish of them that's hard, or at least, takes work to get to. But the opening? So easy.

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