Thursday, August 11, 2011

I am almost finished with slave to love. Finally. Again. Still a few notes here and there, and I wanted to add a bit more about how she feels, but maybe not. The book is just a few shy of being sixty thousand. Yikes. The male character definitely grows in the course of the novel, but I don’t know so much that she does, except for a tacked on part at the end. Hmm. Need to work that in earlier and go from there. In less that a few hundred words, or cut something else somewhere.
Then, of course, I would have to type up the synopsis, the cover letter, etc. and get the postage. And mail it off to harelquin, which involves peeing myself. Just kidding. Probably just a lot of psyching myself up to do it.
Good thing I have that goal, even though I probably wont' finish until next week. without it, I would probably still b on the first rewrite.

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