Monday, August 8, 2011

So far up to 139 out of 176. the depressing thing is, I did this already. Counted down the pages left, even had a stupid little taskbar to fiddle with and drool over, or whatever one does with those things. And now, it' s like deja vu.
It's like deja vu.
Okay, we all knew that lame joke was coming.
This time, I think I am going to submit it to harlequin, even though loose id rejected it. Because I think re writing it has really helped, some. I don't know if enough for it to get published in print, but it's worth a try. For some reason it's easier to do this story then the Victorian,or the space pirates, I suspect because this is almost done. And I don't have as large a scary gap between here and there, the end.
Just gotta tell myself. The gap between here (where I left off writing) and there (the end bits) is full of choices, some good, choices like bright paths to take. It's not bad until after I write it, until after it's said and done, and I can't change it anymore.
Till then, it could be the next best book. Still, going to finish this re write soon, and by end of next week, get it printed off and shipped out, maybe. I have a friend who not only has word, he has a printer. With no ink, no whoop, I’ll buy it since I will probably use most of it, printing out three chapters plus. Synopsis, cover letter, etc. if I can make myself stick to a time schedule, for once. At least setting a goal will make me feel real guilty if I fail, and I’ll use that to push myself.
It's like deja vu all over again.
Because I was going to finish this last time and went almost a whole month past when I said I would be done.
Deja vu.

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